Bam Adebayor of the Miami Heat-from poor kid to billionaire
Bam Adebayor of the Miami Heat-from poor kid to billionaire

Adebayor came from a single-parent family and grew up under the sole support of his mother. They used to live in a trailer. Because of this, basketball has become a part of his life. It is basketball that keeps him away from crime and inactivity on the street. In his free time after school, the basketball court is where Adebayor spends his energy and finally helped him change destiny.

The Miami Heat signed a major contract with 23-year-old All-Star center Bam Adebayor, which can reach up to $200 million in five years. Today, Adebayor updated the Twitter account of the house he used to live in when he was a child: "Accre Station... 76 Church Lane... This is my perfect and imperfect home! This green trailer house has made me who I am today. . Those sleepless nights, those nights that made me sleep soundly, those pains and struggles I have experienced, and all the good times we spent together. Thank you!"

Netizens have expressed, "Inspirational, hope that everyone who fights for their dreams will have a reward", "Poverty can't stop dreams, and the Burrow cannot hold back hope!", "Anyone who suffers from hardship can be the best. Come on. ...", "The hero does not ask where he comes from."

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